Iraq May Amend High-Cost Oil Output Deals

28 يونيو، 2020

Iraq is reassessing contracts to pump crude at fields where production costs are high as it tries to contain expenses while curbing output, the oil minister said, according to a report on Sunday in Al-Sabah newspaper.

OPEC’s second-biggest producer has an interest in cooperating with other global suppliers in reducing output to prop up crude prices, Oil Minister Ihsan Abdul Jabbar said in an interview with state-run Al-Sabah. The ministry is reviewing some of its contracts and may try to amend those with high costs, he said, without giving additional details.

The country’s oil ministry is seeking to reduce production expenses and invest in low-cost fields that contain lighter, more profitable grades of crude, Jabbar said.

Output from northern Iraq’s semi-autonomous Kurdish enclave should not exceed 370,000 barrels a day, he said. The Kurds should comply with the OPEC+ cuts, and talks on oil continue between the Baghdad-based ministry and the Kurdistan Regional Government, Jabbar said. Iraq also wants to increase the amount of associated natural gas that it captures at oil fields and boost output from refineries. The ministry may sever refining investment contracts with companies it deems unqualified, Jabbar said, according to the report.

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